• Mission Village Chiropractic
    Mission Village Chiropractic

    Dr. Bruce Blakely, DC of Mission Village Chiropractic has been serving San Diego for more than 24 years and has helped thousands of San Diegan's relieve pain from back pain, neck pain, car accidents, sports injuries, work injuries and more!

  • FreeConsultation

    Dr. Blakely offers a FREE consultation and 25% off initial services including exams and xrays! 

  • Personal Injuries
    Personal Injuries

    Injuries can occur at any time, and you may not even feel the full extent of the injury for weeks after you have hurt yourself.  Neck pain and lower back pain should be treated immediately before they worsen and become disabling.  Call Mission Village Chiropractice now for an appointment today.

  • Suffering?

    In pain? Mission Village Chiropractic will see you today! Injuries left untreated often result in larger debilitating manifestations.

  • Low Back Pain
    Low Back Pain

    Low back pain can cause interruptions in daily life.  Dr. Blakely uses gentle manipulation and non-invasive relatively painless treatment options to help relieve a variety of personal injuries.

  • Car Accident Injuries
    Car Accident Injuries

    Even small accidents can cause painful, dibilitating neck and back injuries that interrupt daily, life.  Dr. Blakely can get you on the road to recovery with gentle manipulation and theraputic treatments.

  • Gentle Neck and Back Care
    Gentle Neck and Back Care

    Neck and back care should not be painful, our low pain adjustment methods leave you relieved and pain free.

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